The ACS Story

Come March’ 2020, there was an air of unease about how fast COVID 19 was spreading, precautions one should take and apprehensions about how to move ahead. The situation was unprecedented. The solutions too had to be. It’s a testimonial of our strong leadership and Agile mindset which prompted everyone to rise up to the challenge. Together we have come a long way and yet there are miles to cover. Lets take a look at all that we have achieved in past month and a half:

  • We took it upon ourselves to be the change partners of our customers – handholding them through the journey of adapting virtual working.
  • With all dealerships closing their shutters which amounted to roughly 60 – 70 percent of ACS clients conducting no business, we not only created channels of communication with their team, we also provided them with tools to reach out to their customers and generate business. Our best practices sessions have generated a lot of traction and positive response. We were able to groom our presentation and communication skills while connecting with the last level executives which was not otherwise possible.
  • 100 percent successful adoption of Work From Home culture at ACS. Morning and evening stand-up sessions, evening review session, sales review meeting, Tuesday review call and all other meetings have proceeded smoothly. Work is progressing smoothly.
  • We changed our approach with respect to reaching out to perspective clients using GoToMeeting for Best Practise Sessions, Video promotional messages.
  • With giants like Virgin Airways closing operations, we are lucky to be in a business that should not face existential crisis if we play our cards right.  Our mantra of quick response both in terms of trying out new things and adapting ourselves to meet the new challenges will help us immensely in pulling through these tough times.
  • A big round of applause to Sandeep Sir and Mehta Sir for steering ACS through rough waters, for making sure that we all grow together and emerge winners.
  • Three cheers for entire ACS team for being at top of their game during these challenging times; Managers for being the glue that binds the team together!

Having said all that, challenges still remain. We have tough times coming our way; firm belief in our values and dedication makes us sure that we will weather the storm.

We all showed exemplary fighting spirit with the way we have handled the situation so far. Have faith that with our deep rooted values combined with our leaderships we will survive the upcoming hardships.

To quote a famous few:

“Be thankful for the hard times, for they have made you.” – Leornado DiCaprio

“You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the end.” – C. S. Lewis “Always in life bad times will lead to great times.” – M. Night Shyamalan

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