Shifting Focus From Activity To Results – Overcome all constraints and maintain steady growth of revenues….

Great Leaders focus on Outcomes and Results and not on Activities. When teams are focused only on activities, the focus on “Results” diminishes and yet everyone feels that they are doing a lot.. But when Outcomes and Results are the focus, Motivation level of the Team becomes higher. People become more creative ,always looking for better and smarter ways to reach their goals faster.

How does INFOMAN help in fixing responsibility for measurable results from each Team Member ?

INFOMAN allows managers to define Targets and track achievements in terms of conversions and not mere actions based on calls or Visits made or SMS & mails sent. The targets achieved are updated daily to show progress of each team member. And it helps in refining strategy if required, even team member wise, for better achievement.

How does INFOMAN help to maintain a steady growth of revenues in spite of all challenges in the current scenario ?

INFOMAN eCRM helps to leverage “Other Sources / Workshop & Non-Visiting Customer Data”– At present most Dealerships don’t have a specific strategy to bring back into fold Customers, who may not have purchased a car with the Dealership or who may not be visiting their workshops regularly for service and repairs. As selling to such customers requires more effort, the Executives normally lack motivation to follow-up such Customers actively and consistently. With smart incentive schemes, focused promotional campaigns using Freebie Coupons, SMS, WhatsApp Campaigns, eMail promotions and aggressive follow-up, executives can bring back these customers to the dealer’s fold. Actual business growth can only happen when more of these customers come back to the Dealership for availing services.

Linking renumerations to results.– INFOMAN offers powerful MIS and analytical reports for faster computation of incentive earned by executives. Easy and transparent access to information related to daily business generated from Workshop Appointments & Insurance Renewed, will motivate the executive naturally to contact such customers and “Re-Activate” them. The executives will be motivated to exceed their Targets as they see the potential opportunities available to them. This will result in increased revenue for the Dealership too.

Multiple Strategies to motivate executives to focus on New Customer Data added from Workshop / Inactive Customers”.

Option 1 – Each executive may be given a target to sell certain number of Insurance, Service Marketing , Exchange or Extended Warranty products based on the number of customers assigned to them. INFOMAN helps in tracking targets achieved on a daily basis based on revenue generated from Sales, Service and Insurance.

Option 2 – Dealership may fix a certain amount of incentive for executives which is a fixed percentage of revenue generated from insurance, exchange or new car sale. INFOMAN helps in incentive computation generated from Sales, Insurance and Service data for the executive.

Transition from Transactional to Relationship Focused way of working – During every Customer interaction each executive will further enrich Customer data in INFOMAN eCRM. This will help them generate more business from their assigned customer data. Over a period, this will help them move from a “Transactional” way of working to working in a way which strengthens their “Customer Relationships” and eventually helps generate more business – through richer Customer data as well as “Reference” that a customer may give.

INFOMAN is strategically developed and designed for database marketing -Team ACS offers to do a regular “Diagnostic” with Dealership to identify potential business opportunities , quality of data compiled from different resources and offers tools to create multiple touch points with customers like – Dialer, SMS, WhatsApp, Mailers etc.

Measuring Productivity in terms of Revenue generated rather than number of calls made -Our experience proves that high number of calls made by telecallers will not result in higher revenues as the focus shifts to complete certain number of calls made in a day , rather than ensuring that each interaction with customer is effective. But if Targets defined are focused on Business Generated, it results in not only higher productivity but also higher revenue.

INFOMAN helps to keep costs as flexible as possible -Keeping an optimum baseline for salary , incentives are paid based on the revenue generated. With a significant cost thus becoming proportionate to the Revenue generated by each team member, the “Fixed” element of cost is brought down. Then each team member earns in direct proportion to the “Business” they are responsible for generating.

Maximising Value Creation From Executives in Other teams too (eg. Customer Care / Sales) -Using INFOMAN, some data may be assigned to other teams like Workshop Customer Care, Field Sales Executive, with a “Mandate” to generate fresh business from the “Existing” customers. This is “win-win” situation as it gives an opportunity to these team members to further “Augment” their income with additional incentives – if they are able to generate any additional business.

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