Driving Sales Forward : The dual power of WhatsApp & Dashboards in PreSales

In the fast-paced world of automotive sales, staying ahead of the curve means embracing the digital transformation that has swept across industries. Presales is not a linear process as it consists of many touch points with customers like calls, visits, test drives, WhatsApp, Mailers, third party portals etc. Learning to map and monitor this complex process is challenging and can not be done without tech support.

INFOMAN eCRM Presales packs up the power of tech in daily operations with new features –

Build up the flow of two way customer communication  using WhatsApp– Keep your customer updated about every stage of Pre-Sales by sending WhatsApp messages like “Thank You” message on enquiry recording, test drive completion, booking, payment received etc. INFOMAN allows users to record customer responses and get live status update of the messages sent.

Avoid misuse of Test Drive Vehicles using GPS – INFOMAN stores information related to  location of all vehicles that are used to give test drives at client site. 

Better co-ordination between telecallers and Field executives – Tele-callers can view the images of the test drive uploaded by field executives at client site. It simplifies the verification process and speeds up the next followup.

Follow Standard norms during test drive – Upload driving license of the customer in INFOMAN eCRM before handing over the keys of the vehicle for test drive.

Analyse Key performance indicators for Sales team using powerful Dashboards – a quick snap shot of  number of  Enquiry received in a month, booking done, follow-ups recorded, comparison of monthly enquiries & model wise enquiry. These dashboards are designed to drive critical decisions related to future projections and sales trends.

Compare team wise performance to build healthy competitive spirit and motivate employees.

Gone are the days when a software was merely used to record the daily sales activities. Today the tech solutions are empowered to design sales strategies backed by data and meet the customer expectations on every platform.

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