Organisations become successful because of good implementation, not good Business Plan !!

As we crossed the 4000 active user milestone for eCRM , we analysed the reasons behind great team performance, amazing business volumes and efficient management of call centers by our esteemed customers. Some of the best practices followed at all successful eCRM sites are :-

Know your potential – Once the data reconciliation is done for a particular month, generate the real potential data for that month based on year of manufacturing. The data analysis  helps insurance manager in data assignment and to decide number of tele callers required for calling.

Do not use Excel Sheets for followup – Ensure no excel sheets are used by tele-callers for follow-ups. Not only are they a threat to the data security, they defeat the key purpose of call center operation management and boosting productivity of telecallers.

Upload Discipline – Sales and service data should be uploaded every month. Insurance data needs to be uploaded by 9.00AM every day so that telecallers do not call customers who have already made the payment on the previous day.

Restrict ADMIN rights – The Admin username and password should be used strictly by the authorised person only. They should not be given to anybody else who is not authorised by the top management.

Monitor USAGE report sent by ACS– Usage reports give great analytics on the usage of the application on various parameters like Calls Done / Connected / Converted, Users Logged in a given period etc. Monitor them closely to check performance of your team. 

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