Those who adopt BEST INDUSTRY PRACTISES are least likely to get impacted by market turmoil !

Data security,  Cost saving measures, improving efficiency of your employees reduce duplication, instant approvals and  in-built Checks to reduce human errors are some of the powerful features of all INFOMAN applications.  With more than 25+ years of industry experience ACS applications have best practices of the industry ingrained in them as they have been co-created with our customers. 

Infoman eDMS advantages for Sales & Accounts team at a dealership : –

FIFO Allotment of chassis – Infoman  eDMS  FIFO allotment of  chassis enforces selection of  oldest chassis – thus avoiding built up of old stock . It also informs  user about location of the oldest chassis (for the desired Model , Sub-model, colour and variant). FIFO allotment is a highly recommended Industry practise that directly impacts profitability

Auto revoke of allotment – If vehicle is not getting invoiced within a specified time (as defined by dealership) after allotment, the allotted vehicle is revoked automatically and the customer is intimated about it. The chassis can then be allotted to a customer who is ready to take the delivery immediately. This feature has been the most popular INFOMAN feature, consistently over the years, to improve effectiveness of  Sales teams.

Single Chart of accounts for all locations – To  generate Trial balances of all  locations and  merge it into one report is the biggest nightmare for any accounts team at a dealership.  Infoman eDMS  simplifies the processand with  a single click it generates SINGLE  REPORT for all locations. It is customer‘s delight tosee centralised Trial Balances getting generated at the end of every month.

Monthly Accounts closure – Infoman allows users to perform  Location wise monthly closure so that they can freeze vouchers (All  / GST  / TDS vouchers). Once Frozen no modifications are allowed in the vouchers. This reduces complications for GST and TDS reports that are filed on a monthly basis.

Workshop Upload – Bills from workshop are Uploaded in Infoman eDMS to avoid duplicate entry of vouchers. It gives updated information related to insurance claims, Customer Outstanding, outstanding from insurance company and Ageing report – A powerful and unique Infoman feature.

Wishing you a healthier , safer and prosperous New  Year.


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