INFOMAN will be the ultimate game changer in 2021

Maintain A Fine Balance Between Safety and productivity of your Work Force.

Remote work is not a passing trend – it’s here to stay. 

Experts believe that PARTIAL Work From Home will be “The New Normal” for dealerships in the 2021.  A Stanford study suggested that remote workers were 13.5% more productive than onsite employees. Remote working employees are 60-70% more engaged . 

Several dealerships are looking at Tech Support in deploying INFOMAN Solutions and conducting Data Analysis to exploit full potential of their customer data and to make more informed decisions to generate revenue from Service, Sales and Insurance.  

All INFOMAN products (eCRM, eDMS & SERV) are purely cloud based & secured applications and allow your teams to  perform their tasks both remotely from Home and Office. 

Teams can report to office on alternate days to ensure social distancing. The Work assigned to back end teams like – Call Center, Finance, SMR, Insurance – can be done both from Office and Homes. With their devices (Computers / Mobile) Authenticated and their work progress monitored through the work day. With feature for only limited and required data access being available – – Just enough to complete their work.   

INFOMAN eCRM  allows Insurance, Service and Sales team to work both from home and office :- 

  1. Follow up for Insurance or Service getting due may be done easily using INFOMAN® Mobile APP / INFOMAN® cloud based application from any location. Customer and vehicle information required for follow up is accessible to the authorised user. .  The call recording of the interaction is also saved on Cloud, and can be reviewed at any time by their Manager.  
  2. Empower Tele-callers to ensure continuity of Work From Home – Dealerships can now easily work with reduced manpower in office. Even follow-ups of new enquiries can be entered by tele-callers and Sales executives using Mobile Apps either from the field or from safety of their homes. 
  3. Remote Documentation – Operations like Freebee Discount Coupon issue, Proposal Creation, Sending Proposal to Customer and Money Receipt can be done remotely. After verification / authentication, the documents can be mailed directly to customers from INFOMAN-eCRM. 
  4. Data / work Assignment for follow-up can be done remotely by different team members. 
  5. Centralised Data Uploads –  like Insurance policy issued, Workshop / Body-shop Job cards closed,  New Car Sales etc. may be done at a centralized location. 
  6. Integrated Dialer Services –  teams may  use a centralized iPBX  either at the company’s premise or on cloud – to call Customers / Prospects. The Customer will still see the Office numbers displayed and will call back on them and not on the Agent’s mobile number.  As all calls are recorded, the call quality maybe reviewed even when Agents are working remotely.
  7. Remote Access of  the Centralised Compilation of enquiries – Received from different resources like Events, Websites, Marketing Campaigns, References & Walk-in customers. 
  8. Smart & Automated Communication –  Automation of reminders / alerts / Greetings through Auto generated SMS / eMails without any human intervention, reduces effort and cost at the same time ensure no reminder / greeting / alert is missed.  

INFOMAN eDMS  ensures smooth Sales operations even with remote working teams :- 

  1. Mobile App For Remote Approvals – All approvals like Additional discount, Finance DO, Stock Transfer, Vendor Payments, Cash Payments, Cancel Payment etc. can be given either through INFOMAN® Mobile APP or INFOMAN® cloud application 
  2. Operations like Money Receipt, Invoicing can be done remotely after verifying details online and documents like Receipt, Invoice, Debit Note etc… can be emailed through automatically. 
  3. Vendor / customer payments can be verified and processed at centralized location using bank integration option. Don’t need to come to office for signing physical cheque. 
  4. Follow-ups for outstanding customer payments / Finance DO’s can be done remotely after verifying details 
  5. Real time stock can be viewed through Mobile APP and application 
  6. Uploads like Vehicle Purchase, Workshop / Bodyshop Sale, Spare Part Purchase, Debit Note etc… can be done at centralized location. 
INFOMAN SERV  helps teams to deliver high quality of Service using Complaint Management Module ?  INFOMAN SERV helps you identify the gap areas between your processes and customer expectations.   Improved customer happiness quotient – Quick resolution of Complaints reflect upon your team’s commitment to deliver high quality service. Delivering quality service impacts on all future business avenues – Insurance, Service Marketing, Extended Warranty, Loyalty Programs and all future purchase / vehicle upgrade. 
  Significant reduction in complaints from OEM – Timely resolution of complaints at dealer level reduces escalation at OEM level by the customer.  Central Compilation of complaints from all touch points (Showroom, workshop, insurance) ensures timely intimation, escalation and resolution of complaints.

Please contacts our experts to know how you  can manage teams working remotely /  on site without compromising on the safety of your workforce using INFOMAN.

  1. Mr Vinoj Xavier – 9311140302 (For INFOMAN eCRM)
  2. Mr Sanjay Koul – 9312400307 (For INFOMAN eDMS)
  3. Ms Ashita Jain – 9315814364 (For INFOMAN SERV)

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