INFOMAN Users sell 81000+ Insurance Policies in 50 days of Lockdown…..

….More Than 1 MILLION Follow-ups Done With Their 320,000 customers.

In the Meantime…..

INFOMAN R&D Churns Out Dozen+ New Features / Product Upgrades


  • Low cost Remote Dialing – instant activation of Dialer without additional hardware investment and provisions for Call recordings.  
  • Whatsapp Integration – Send Bulk reminders for Insurance renewal / Service Due, Birthday / Festival greetings, Thank You messages to customer on Whatsapp.
  • Integrating eCRM with  Infoman eDMS Accounts Module – for approval and posting of premium payments received from customers.
  • Multi-purpose eCRM Presales and Opportunity Management – Centralised Customer Data maintenance, Data validation & Cleaning, Enquiry Tracking, Opportunity  Management (using SMS, Whatsapp Messages & Mailers)
  • Test Drive Management – Plan Test Drives, Track details of  Driver & Vehicles taken out for Test Drives.

INFOMAN eDMS – New Infoman eDMS Accounts module released with integrated Accounts, Finance , Budgeting, TDS Modules and MSIL integration.

INFOMAN SERV – Apllication Setup of Infoman SERV for following scenarios :-

  • Preventive Maintenance Of Asset management  – Maintain Warranty information of all assets and get timely alerts for Preventive maintenance avoiding break-down due to lack of service.
  • Project Management – Ensure easy collaboration between departments to monitor work in progress on different projects/processes.
  • Internal Audit – Conduct process audit, monitor compliance of Standard Operation Procedures and internal Complaint tracking.
  • INFOMAN SERV for Legal Team – Centralised database of Legal cases with related documents, powerful MIS for quick access of case details.

New Initiatives In Progress –

Infoman Proficiency certification – Online Tests and Certification of INFOMAN users.

Robot Calling

Payment Gateway Integration

STAR SELF Support – Embedded FAQ for Infoman users.

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