Leveraging Technology for Seamless Working

SERV is an excellent flexible tool to manage interdepartmental information flow allowing your team to collaborate on projects and their daily tasks. SERV is more a great tool to ensure all relevant records are digitized for the teams to work together form scattered locations. SERV can be easily customized to suit your needs and gives you complete control to manage your information flow:

Let me take you through the journey of one of our customer that used SERV to manage information flow in their Litigation department:

Customer Profile

  • A leading office automation MNC with around 20 branch offices across multiple locations in India.
  • Their legal department manages various types of litigation cases like taxation litigation, consumer litigation, etc.
  • Litigation Team members work out of branch offices located in multiple cities.
  • With everyone working in their own manner, it was becoming difficult to keep track of cases at each branch office and progress thereof.


  • Person dependent system: It had happened at one of the branches that the advocate passed away in an accident, leaving everyone in dark about the whereabouts of the case. Since he was a lone practitioner, there was nobody to organize the documents or take the case forward. Then the organization decided to take charge of data management and stay on top of progress tracking.
  • Lack of Data Standardization: Everyone in team was maintaining data in their own format. Compiling this information for 20 branches and extracting case progress was a challenge. Not everyone would be mentioning key information like authority, advocate, case no, disputed amount, etc separately.
  • Missing data repository: Litigation cases by nature can go on for 15-20 years and even beyond. During the course of a case, there can be various documents prepared for a case. Someone looking at these files would be at a loss of how to extract relevant information.
  • Time consumed in Report Compilation: In the absence of a system, coordinator at Head Office was busy just compiling reports periodically and was unable to devote time to other productive tasks. Often, the report to be sent to management would get delayed.
  • Statutory Audit: Legal department has to undergo statutory audit in which the auditors ask for various types of information. Legal documents are very complex so it is a time taking activity to extract information and share with auditors.

Solution Offered

Keeping the organization requirement in mind, SERV was offered as a customized solution to bring the litigation team on a common platform. Team could record and update important information like authority, advocate, case no, disputed amount, etc separately. MIS reports were designed to display all case related important information along with summary of last 3 hearings.


  • Central Data Repository: SERV is pivotal to the creation of digital central repository of all litigation related information. Executive working on the case would enter regular follow-ups, upload documents and keep relevant information updated. This has vastly improved their working.
  • Readily available information: Easy to extract reports are now available at the click of a button. Management can now see all relevant information nicely organized with information about updates. Also complete case history is readily available at the click of a button.
  • Alerts and notifications: Team members can schedule tasks and system generates notifications for upcoming tasks and hearings. Once the event due date is past, notifications are also generated for follow-ups not entered.
  • Case tracking: Having a web based central platform has helped immensely in handling the unforeseen situations arising out of the fact that there are too many people working on a case and anything can go wrong at any point. SERV has made litigation tracking process driven rather than people driven.
  • Team coordination: SERV has greatly enhanced team coordination and made sure that all relevant information is not lost in communication.
  • Data Confidentiality: Profile driven access to various application modules ensures that the highly valuable Legal data is maintained securely.
  • Digital Document Repository: All documents can be scanned and uploaded into the application which can be easily accessed based on executive authorization. Using SERV documents, summary and all other records are available at the click of a button.

In the words of a user: “The comfort and assurance that we have that all our documents arranged at a place electronically for all our litigation is a big relief.”

To know how you can use Litigation Module in your organization contact Ashita Jain at 9315814364 or write to us at ashita@acsinfotech.com

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