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Processes form the foundation of any organized working. Defining processes removes the ambiguity about what to do next. Crisis is the time for everyone to dig deeper, correct our alignment and prepare for the challenges that will be. This applies to both individuals and organizations. Organizations should also focus on putting process control and audit practices in place to gear up for the uphill battle ahead. We all are wondering what the market conditions will be post lockdown. One thing that is sure is the need to build strong foundations which will help you weather the storms ahead.

Infoman SERV by ACS Infotech is a robust and all purpose tool which can be easily deployed to map business processes across all kinds of organization operations. Regular use of SERV will quickly highlight exceptions in process adherence; thereby, alerting the management in advance of the gaps in practice and how they should be plugged in. Various departments where SERV is being used presently across organizations:

Litigation tracking: Digitize your legal case records and enter updates online to remove the elements of uncertainty and people dependency. Get rid of the worries of data security using highly secure permission based access to case information.

Internal audits and compliance management: Internal audits and compliance management will become important aspects of running an organization. Companies will need to form teams that will define SOPs, compliance parameters, audit parameters. Auditors will record their findings and see how the follow-ups have been. Management would want to review exception reports and resolution.

Pre sales management: Organize all your leads at one place. Update their progress regularly. Assign tasks to yourself. And your pre-sales process is all sorted out.

Worklog entries: With people working from home, it is important to track how much time one is spending on tasks and projects they have. Reports can be extracted which can then be used to bill clients for the time spent on project. SERV offers a very simple cost effective solution to teams that want to track their worklog.

Project management: Give your team a flexible tool to create multiple projects, define teams working on each projects and then create tasks and schedule meetings for the project. Helps you sort your project based working with ease. Dashboard will allow you to track progress in each project.

Customer service: Customer incidents can be reported at multiple locations: Customer portal, call centre, support executive, product manager. SERV helps you define your support process for each of these sources and manage customer service accordingly. Having SERV gives you the assurity of knowing that no complaint will slip though the gaps.

Complaint helpdesk: Often organizations set-up complaint helpdesks for global functions like HR, IT, etc. SERV can be customized to define teams and processes for specific complaint management. Reports will help the management understand exceptions, their frequency and take appropriate remedial actions.

Internal task assignment: SERV can be used as a platform for teams to collaborate and assign tasks between teams.

Asset management: Companies need to manage their assets for statutory audits of physical verification and maintenance management. SERV helps track all types of assets and define asset parameters in category.

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