Top Seven Solutions For Accounts Team To Leverage Automated Accounting

Have you ever wondered how many man hours are spent by your accounts team in a month on Manual entry and reconciling reports and data ? Accounting processes at auto-dealership keep getting complex with growth in business and the ever changing taxation procedures keep accountants on their toes. Usually it’s not money, but time which is equal to “Lost Money” on recurring tasks for the accounting team. Manual voucher entries, reconciliation of reports, tracking manual bills, cheques, generating outstanding of different debtors & creditors are huge time consuming activities that are directly proportional to the growth of the organisation.  

INFOMAN eDMS helps  the accounts team in eliminating duplicate and exhaustive manual work by using the power of technology and innovate solutions –  

Autoposting of Vouchers without human intervention – INFOMAN eDMS auto posts vouchers either through API or data uploaded from OEM’s DMS software within Seconds without any manual intervention. Transactions which gets posted are like Workshop Sale, body-shop Sale, purchases (New Vehicle, Spares), credit notes etc…. 

Instant access to updated information – Since 40-50% vouchers are posted automatically or through upload, there is no backlog of voucher entries. Auto generated reports are sent in email to the top management regarding exact status of Sale and Outstanding for workshop, showrooms, Pre-owned, Accessories, insurance companies etc….   

Auto reconciliation of GST & TDS –  INFOMAN eDMS completely eliminates painful time consuming reconciliations of GST R2A. 

Alerts for Cheque & DDs not deposited within 3 days – the system sends automatic Alert mail to the Accounts team giving a list of pending cheques / DD, which are received from customer but are not reconciled / cleared within 3 days. No need to check and worry for missing instruments.  

Single Chart Of Accounts for all locations – can be modified only by Administrator having rights for the same and it is instantly reflected in all locations. 

Speed of software – The speed of the application remains same even though number of recorded transactions increases as the financial year progresses.   

Safe & Secure Digital storage of all documents on cloud – Physical storage of paper files is a daunting. INFOMAN eDMS simplifies the searching and retrieval of documents, Just scan and upload vendor bills & other documents at the time of voucher entry. Instant access for future reference or digital approval of vouchers by authorised accounts personnel. 

INFOMAN eDMS enables the accounts team to keep their fingertips on the pulse of the business. By eliminating duplicate manual work they can actually focus more on analysing the data and help the management in preparing for an everchanging and demanding marketplace.   

Please contact our experts for a FREE Demo and share best accounting practices with your team. 

Mr Sanjay Koul
Manager – Business Development

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