Cost Saving Practices For Procurement & Tracking Of Consumables at Dealerships.

A robust Order management solution with clear inventory visibility and cost-efficient processes can help dealerships remain competitive and profitable. Common challenges faced by a dealership in controlling cost during procurement & tracking of Consumables are related to – Inefficient Vendor Management, Lack of REAL time Stock information & Reconciliation of consumables issued to employee and return from employees.  

INFOMAN eDMS offers a transparent monitoring system for purchase, receipt & tracking of consumables in the dealership.   

WWW – 3 essential components of Vendor Management – INFOMAN eDMS maintains complete information defining Who is an Authorised Vendor , Which items are supplied by him and What  Prices have been negotiated with final terms and conditions . Critical information related to  Credit limit, Credit days, Bank Details, payment Terms & mode , GST details are available on finger tips. This information is used to define in-built checks at the time of raising the Purchase Order.  

In- Built system driven Controls for Authorised Vendors and Approved Rates –  Alerts are sent to Top management for approval of Vendors. After approval, items to be supplied by respective vendors are defined along with negotiated rates .  The system will not allow user to raise PO or procure items from un-approved vendors.  While raising PO, approved rates are displayed and cannot be modified by the user.  

Avoid Over Stocking Of Consumables
 – Real time stock of consumables is available anytime anywhere for all locations. This helps in accurate purchase planning to avoid overstocking of  un-required items at any location. Automatic alerts are sent to purchase department when the available stock of an item is nearing below minimum order level. 

Pay Only For Actual Items received – Get information of all pending items, items not received against a PO . Quick reconciliation of multiple GRNs received against a single Purchase Order . Invoice is booked only for items that are physically received at the dealership hence no extra payment is done to vendor and no confirmation is required from purchase dept. 

Track consumables issued to Employees
 – INFOMAN eDMS sends Notification through SMS along with OTP to employees when items are issued to them . The SMS contains list of Item alongwith  quantity issued . This reduces the chances of human errors and manipulation in any form.   

Powerful MIS reports help the top management to not only track the consumption trend at multiple locations but they also add power to the price negotiation process with the vendors based on past business analysis.  

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Mr Sanjay Koul  

Manager – Business Development