How a Paperless Solution Saves Cost, Improves Security & Productivity ?

Time to Go  Digital, Go Paperless !

The real cost of using Papers in the organisation is not only about Cost of paper, Printer / Toner, Storage Space, Manpower cost to print, file and search these documents. It costs you a lifetime business opportunity with customers just because physical papers can be lost, damaged, misplaced and take time to move from one department to other.

TOP 6 Benefits of  using INFOMAN eDMS for digitisation of  documents in a CAR Dealership :

Cloud Storage : INFOMAN eDMS stores encrypted documents on Cloud linked with customer and vendor transactions. Cost of physical storage increases many folds with growth in business as physical records are an expensive hassle that are time consuming to file, retrieve and manage. In comparison Cloud storage is more cost effective.

Complete Security Of Documents : from data theft, risk of misplacement, physical damage and un-authorised access. INFOMAN eDMS provides comprehensive user rights to View, Upload, Modify / Delete the document and also maintains audit trail.

Quick & Easy access to Documents Anytime – Search documents based on Customer contact number, engine number, chassis no, registration number etc. and get them on single click.

Ensuring Compliance  of Document Collection – by defining a standard list of mandatory documents for each transaction to be collected from customers and uploaded like – PAN Card, Aadhaar card etc. INFOMAN eDMS allows user to complete transaction only when mandatory documents are uploaded.

Mobile App to upload documents on the go – Click pictures of customer documents and upload them in INFOMAN eDMS during site visits. No need to make photo copies and submit them in the office.

Cost efficient – Electronic storage is faster and cost efficient than manual documentation. Save storage cost, paper & printing cost and  reduce manpower requirement for printing, filing & retrieving manual documents.

Last but not the least Save Environment , Go Green ! Contribute in our eco-friendly initiative driven by INFOMAN eDMS.

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Mr Sanjay Koul

Manager Business Development