Top 5 Mantras to Control Leakage, Reduce Sales Cost & Boost Profit.

Boosting Sales is not the only way to be more profitable. It’s equally important to identify where you’re losing revenue due to gaps or leakages in the manual processes. Fixing the most common gaps/leakages in your Sales process can add lakhs to your profit every month.These are as follows –

Manual Control on Additional Discounts: Due to the lack of an automated Discount approval system, risk of manipulating additional discounts are high. INFOMAN helps dealership to control additional discounts given to customers with proper & fool-proof authorization and fixes accountability for exceptional cases. Analyse the impact of discount (and overall margin on the deal) before an order is accepted.

Allotment based on FIFO method: INFOMAN eDMS does not allow users to allot fresh inventory if the older chassis of the same model, colour & Variant is available in stock without management approval. This results in a huge reduction of inventory carrying costs, additional discounts required to sell old chassis and interest costs. FIFO allotment is a highly recommended Industry practice that directly impacts profitability.

Auto Revoke Of Allotment: If a vehicle is not getting invoiced within a specified time (as defined by the dealership) after allotment, the allotted vehicle is revoked automatically and the customer is intimated about it. The chassis can then be allotted to a customer who is ready to take the delivery immediately. This has been the most popular INFOMAN feature consistently over the years, to improve the performance of Sales teams.

Auto Calculation of Finance & Insurance Payout: Define payout percentage for auto calculation of receivable payout for every transaction involving financiers & insurance agencies. The system sends automatic follow-up emails for pending payments. The auto calculation eliminates the loss of revenue due to human error.

Approval Of Cancelled Bookings: Refund is not allowed unless the booking is cancelled and is approved by top management like CEO, VP etc. Purpose of approval in booking cancellation is that a senior person from the dealership should interact with the customer to find out the exact reason for cancellation and he may convince the customer to revive booking.
INFOMAN eDMS offers automated powerful MIS for top management without human intervention. These reports provide key information for critical & timely decisions on revenue generation and overall management of dealership. Do contact our experts for a FREE demo of INFOMAN eDMS. They will also share some interesting time tested best practices to improve productivity of your sales team by minimizing leakage.

Mr Sanjay Koul
Manager – Business Development