Is your enquiry management Cost efficient & aggressively monitored for conversion ?

Maximise Conversion of Enquiries from Hyperlocal & Other Resources. 

With increasing movement of customers between communication channels – phone, email, websites, portals , social media in a short span, chasing enquiries is extremely challenging for the sales team of auto dealerships . Customer’s expectations for a quick response is sky rocketing. Auto dealers need a robust system to quickly compile all enquiries received from multiple touch points in one database,  identify duplicates and assign unique cases to the Sales team for aggressive followup.  

A dealership may receive enquiries from multiple sources like Walk-ins, Calls, Websites, Third party comparison portals, Social Media platforms , references etc. The increase in number of enquiries generated from multiple resources poses following challenges –  

  • No Single platform to manage enquiries received from different sources 
  • Un-Validated Enquiries – time and efforts are spent in segregating HOT enquiries from genuine buyers . 
  • Sales Cost escalation due to Duplicate Enquiries – Same enquiry may be received both at the showroom and 3rd party platforms, resulting in extra payment by dealership for an enquiry that already exists in their database.
  • No set process for Quick action on HOT leads to overcome competition and avoid loss of enquiry to co-dealers. 
  • Manual Tracking leads to enquiries getting missed due to lack of regular follow-up

ONE STOP Solution –  Infoman eCRM helps auto dealerships  in efficient management of all such leads in a single system with out any duplication –  

Identify duplicates during data Upload from Multiple Sources–  system identifies duplicate cases using mobile number. Only  unique cases get updated in the system while duplicates are shown separately.  

Save cost by  minimising purchase of duplicate leads from portals – duplicate leads received from 3rd party platforms are easily identified by INFOMAN eCRM. Dealerships can minimise purchase of duplicate  leads already available in their existing database.  

Regular analysis on different sources of enquiries – shows which platform leads are getting converted more regularly enabling dealership to negotiate with such platforms. 

Validating unique leads through Call Center Team  – tele-callers assign only HOT leads to the Field Sales team for Follow-up saving their time, effort and money by focusing on genuine leads. 

Efficient tracking of enquiries using Dialer – tele-callers can follow-up upto 100 leads using iPBX Dialer in a single shift without missing any follow-up instance against each lead. 

Dual Assignment for aggressive follow-up –  INFOMAN eCRM ensures that each HOT lead can be aggressively followed up by tele-callers as well as DSE simultaneously resulting in better co-ordination and handling of customer queries. 

Instant updation of  follow-up data using Mobile App by DSEs – enables fast tracking of all leads by Sales managers and Team Leaders.

An intelligent solution manages leads within the sales team to maximise usage of staff time and reduces cost by ensuring only unique & valid leads are followed. 

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Best Regards 

Vinoj Xavier 

Senior Manager Business Development