4 Sales Revenue Leaks That Can Be Plugged Using Technology.

 INFOMAN eDMS offers in-built controls to prevent leakage and boost productivity. 

Boosting Sales is not the only way to be more profitable. It’s equally important to identify where you’re losing revenue due to gaps or leakages in the manual processes. Fixing the four most common gaps / leakages in your Sales Process can add lakhs to your bottom line every month. These are as follows – 

Manual Control on Additional Discount : Due to lack of automated Discount approval system, chances of getting additional discounts manipulated are high and it is difficult for management to know, whether the final deal is profitable or not.

Increased inventory carrying cost : newer vehicles get invoiced, when older vehicles are lying in the stockyard. Later these old vehicles are sold out by giving heavy discounts resulting in loss of sales revenue for the dealership.

Active pending bookings not available : Refund to the customer is processed without booking cancellation done in OEM DMS software. This results in wrong planning of purchasing new vehicles from OEM.

Finance & Insurance pay-out: No provision to track Finance & Insurance pay-out & Auto follow up with financier.

INFOMAN eDMS empowers the management by defining customised Business Rules that overcome the above mentioned challenges :

DUAL APPROVAL – Maker & Checker concept allows multiple approvals based on discount amount defined for a specific profile. INFOMAN eDMS sends Approval notification through email / mobile app. Managers can give their consent or modify the discount amount online from anywhere (no physical presence is mandatory in the showroom ). Approval / rejection notification mail is also sent to the concerned team leader. Dual approval process is activated if the deal is not profitable, and profit is less than margin defined by the dealership.

Allotment based on FIFO method – INFOMAN eDMS does not allow user to allot fresh inventory if the older chassis of the same model, color & Variant is available in stock without management approval. This results in huge reduction of inventory carrying cost, additional discount required to sell old chassis and interest cost .

Actual Active bookings: Refund is not allowed unless booking is cancelled and is approved by top management like CEO, VP etc… Purpose of approval in booking cancellation is that senior person from dealership should meet customer to find out the exact reason for cancellation and they may convince customer to revive booking.

Auto Calculation of Finance & Insurance Payout – Define payout percentage for auto calculation of receivable payout for every transaction involving financiers & insurance agencies. System sends automatic follow-up mails for pending payments. The auto calculation eliminates loss of revenue due to human error.

INFOMAN eDMS offers automated powerful MIS for critical & timely decisions related to revenue and overall management of dealership. Do contact our experts for a FREE demo of the product and they will share best practices to improve productivity of your sales team by minimizing leakage.

Mr Sanjay Koul
Manager Business Development