Are you fully exploiting the Business Generating Opportunities Driving In your workshop ?

3-D Approach of INFOMAN eCRM  to generate revenue from customers visiting workshop. 

Excellent service not only ensures customer retention for life, it also plays an extremely key role in generating multiple business opportunities  for insurance, Used Car Sale & Service Revenues.  Since these services are handled by different departments, dealerships end up missing many opportunities, due to lack of information and co-ordination even  when the customer is present within their premises.  

In addition to Vehicle Service, what are the additional source of business from a visiting customer to Workshop ? 

A visiting customer is a golden opportunity to build relations and generate following business opportunities in addition to Service –  

  1. Requirement for Bodyshop activities 
  2. Sell insurance renewal if it is expiring within 60 days  after the visit 
  3. Chance to convert “Other” insurance Renewal to “Own” insurance Renewal Customers 
  4. Offer Value Added Services (VAS) like RSA, Extended Warranty / AMC  
  5. Identify requirement for  Vehicle Exchange to customers having older vehicles.    

What are the best practices adopted by dealerships to boost Service, Sales, Insurance revenues from customers visiting workshops ? 

Explore the Goldmine of data – INFOMAN eCRM gives easy access to complete information related to a customer on one screen – Vehicle, Insurance expiry , Age of Vehicle, Pending work repair work , Kilometers  covered etc. on fingertips. As soon as the customer enters workshop check the data for all possible business opportunities and alert all concerned department executives.

“Freebie Coupons” for On the spot insurance renewal
 – If the customer belongs to “Other” Renewal  category and the insurance is expiring within 60 days after the visit date , offer “Discount coupons on insurance” at the time of service.  

Create opportunity for Bodyshop
 – Check service history to see if any Repairs are pending or vice versa note down requirement for future repairs if the customer does not have time to get some repairs done on that day. 

Identify opportunities to sell VAS
 – VAS services like RAS, extended warranty, AMC, etc. not only act as additional channels of revenue overall but also help increase workshop revenue. Number of customers returning to your workshop for services increases exponentially when they buy VAS.

Alerts to CRE / Service Advisor / Pre-owned Incharge
 – INFOMAN eCRM sends alerts to all concerned executives to meet the visiting customer for effective interaction and successful conversion. Powered by complete history of the vehicle and interactions, the sales person is able to pitch for Vehicle exchange more effectively. 

Offering quality Service is a powerful and efficient method of generating leads for sales of NEW & Pre-owned vehicles, insurance & VAS. Ensure your dealership takes advantage of technology to up the game.

Do contact our experts to know more about the processes successfully implemented at other dealerships to generate business from customers visiting workshops.  

Best Regards

Mr Vinoj Xavier

Senior Manager – Business Development