Introducing: Faster, Time & Resource Saving, Error Free  Direct DATA Feed To The Accounts Department!!

INFOMAN – is now integrated with MSIL !!

Goodbye! to the days when the executives  had to download  files containing transaction details from MSIL-DMS and then upload these in INFOMAN Accounts module, for creation of vouchers.

MSIL has created a portal on which dealer-wise transactions (Sales, Purchase, Workshop etc.) from MSIL-DMS will be available.  INFOMAN will access this data and create financial vouchers automatically in the INFOMAN  Accounts module  -without any manual intervention.

Further reducing TIME, ENERGY and RESOURCES  wasted in duplication of task. 


Why integration between MSIL-DMS and INFOMAN is important to us ?

  • With this direct integration between MSIL-DMS and INFOMAN, now there will be no need to download (from MSIl-DMS) and upload (In INFOMAN -eDMS) data manually, by the users.
  • Automatic Voucher posting of some key transactions that are integrated include: Vehicle dispatch, Purchase, Return, Sales, Workshop Invoice, Stock Transfer, Receipt etc.


How will we benefit from this integration between MSIL-DMS and INFOMAN – Accounts module?

  • REDUCED MANPOWER : Thanks to automation , there is no need to post vouchers manually in the Accounts module. Saves manpower requirement (since dealerships have dedicated executives for the manual entry) at all locations and avoids mismatch of entries due to human error.
  • INSTANTANEOUS :  Frequency of data transfer from MSIL-DMS to INFOMAN-eDMS will be 5 minutes.
  • ERROR FREE : Data flow is done without human intervention hence it will be done faster with zero error.
  • AUTOMATED : Human intervention  will be completely eliminated since the data is transferring automatically between two systems.
  • SAVES EFFORT :  No duplicate transaction will flow from MSIL-DMS to INFOMAN-eDMS.
  • ENABLER :  Critical accounting decisions can be taken instantly, since the information from MSIL-DMS will be available faster.
  • SECURED :  It ensures complete security as the data is transferred automatically and not accessed by any user at any step, in between.

Please Contact our experts for further clarification (if any)  :-

Mr Sanjay Koul

Manager Business Development

9312400307,Email – skoul@acsinfotech.com

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