Complaints Come Back to Haunt – Unless You Catch them By Their Horns!

Is your customer completely satisfied with the services they are receiving?
Are you aware of the most common/ recurring complaints made by your customers?
Which department is receiving the maximum number of complaints every week?

Customer relationship at a Auto-dealership is a long term affair that starts with the purchase enquiry of a vehicle and continues with service and insurance renewal till the time the customer remains a satisfied car owner. It is a known fact, Service generates Insurance and Insurance generates Service.

A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer – Complaints reflect upon the high quality of service you aspire to deliver. When customer is not satisfied with the service received, it affects not just the customer perception of service quality, its impact is felt on all future business avenues – Service and insurance renewal.

INFOMAN SERV – Complaint Management Module helps you identify the gap areas that need fixing and makes your customer relationships long lasting and deep! Grow your revenue by Improving your Customer Complaint Management Process!


  • Improved customer happiness quotient.
  • No complaint goes unresolved.
  • Significant reduction in complaints from OEM.
  • Single interface to record complaints for all business lines – Showroom, Workshop, Insurance, etc. Call centre set-up.
  • Notification for issues not resolved within SLA.
  • Source of complaint can be captured.

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