8 New Features To Achieve Asset Management Excellence & Data Transparency.

Every organisation can minimise financial losses by tracking their assets efficiently .  Avoid paying taxes, insurance, purchases, and maintaining assets that are unnecessary, missing or already depreciated. Afterall money saved is money earned.

INFOMAN SERV offers 8 new powerful features to automate Asset Management processes and answers all your critical queries related to assets –

1. What numbers should be on my fingertips

Get a quick snapshot (Dashboard) of all Assets and information required for strategic decision making related to assets. An impressive graphical presentation of location and typewise assets, Unassigned and allocated assets, new assets acquired over a period and the complaints received gives a clear status of assets in hand.

2. How do I manage my Leased Assets

Monitor the complete onboarding of a Leased Asset based on contract details, renewal and disposal of contracts followed by Consolidation of contracts for efficient management of leased assets.

3. When are the renewals due for Company Owned ‘Demo Cars”

Ensure timely renewal of insurance, warranty and pollution control certificate in for all vehicles used for demo purposes.

4. Am I spending money on the right assets

Keep a close watch on every penny spent on repair and maintenance of assets. Check out the complete history of expenditure on every asset before deciding on further repair or replacement of an existing asset.

5. How many Assets do I really have right now (Inventory Report)

Quick analysis of total assets in hand based on issue, receipts , purchase , transfer or disposal of assets for each location helps in reconciliation of data from inventory systems and assets systems. This ensures complete registration of all assets.

6. How do I track movement of Assets from person to person (Email Alerts)

INFOMAN SERV sends prompt email alerts on movement of assets out of the premises  (Gate-pass for Mark out) and during their allocation to an employee in the form of acknowledgement receipt. Confirmation emails are also generated on creation and closure of complaints against an asset.

7. Can I quickly update Bulk Asset data with minimum efforts

Faster and quicker bulk Asset data upload reduces time and efforts of the Asset Manager. Say goodbye to errors and painful hours of manual entry of Asset details in the application. Just download purchase details from Inventory application and upload in INFOMAN SERV.

8. How do I keep my asset information safe yet accessible

Multiple layers  of security ensure complete prevention of unauthorized access of application by any user. These include 2 factor authentication, password expiration and access rights based on user profile.

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