Asset Tracking Technology: A Smart Investment for Your Business.

Save Rs. 5-6 Lakhs/Year by using INFOMAN SERV for Asset Tracking and Management.

INFOMAN SERV increases the efficiency and productivity of your team by reducing the time and effort spent on locating and tracking assets. Additional benefits include –

  • Reduce cost by preventing asset loss, theft, damage, and misuse.
  • Up-to-date asset records help to simplify compliance with safety and accounting regulations.
  • Analyse asset performance, utilisation and maintenance cost before taking key decisions related to new purchase or repairs.

How INFOMAN SERV helps to save Rs. 5-6 Lakhs / Year?

Consider average life of these IT/Electronic assets is 4 years.

Assuming the investment in IT/Electronic Assets = Rs. 1,50,00,000/- in a typical dealership where we can consider 100 laptops, 100 desktops, 6/7 DVRs 150 CCTVs, Display Monitors, 10-15 Network equipment like servers, switches, firewall, EPABX, 50 mobiles/tablets, some audio-conferencing equipment and even OHPs etc. This is tentatively 300 assets and @ Rs. 50,000 per asset the total comes to 1.5 Crore.   

Value depletion every year is = Rs. 37,50,000 .  

Amount of money lost due to unutilized, dysfunctional or untraceable assets = 15% of Depletion

Amount of money Saved by tracking and better management of Assets = 15% of 37500000 = Rs. 5,62,500/-.

Note – With growth in the business, Cost saving is directly proportional to increase in cost of assets if they are smartly managed and tracked by a well-designed Asset Management Solution.

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