INFOMAN SERV – Your Strongest Armour To Fight Daily Battles In Customer Service.

Ensure timely & transparent communication by PSF team – remember your competitor is just a click away ! 

Auto-dealerships have shifted focus from customer service to customer experience. They conduct regular surveys with customers to measure sales/service experience with the help of PSF team. These feedbacks provide dealers with a foundation to build strong customer relationships in the new world of mobility. Usually Excel sheets are used to record this information and they pose challenges in FOUR key areas –  

A)Complaint Management – Inefficient recording, tracking & resolution of complaints related to Sales and Service. No provision for timely escalation and analysis of reported complaints. 

B) PSF Call Management – Centralised compilation of customer feedback and followup of complaints reported during PSF calls is difficult as each executive maintains his own sheet. Delay in escalation of reported complaints results in customer dissatisfaction.  

C) RTO Tracking – Delay in affixing of vehicle number plates and RTO file status update to customers negatively impacts the relationship with new customers. It may also lead to penalty being imposed on the dealership. 

D) CDI Monitoring – analysis of high volume of feedbacks received at multiple touchpoints by various PSF teams based at multiple locations is challenging and time consuming.  

Watch your customer satisfaction level soaring high using INFOMAN SERV : 

  • Faster resolution of ALL complaints – centralised database of  tickets for complaints, assignment and followup entry ensures timely resolution of complaints. This results in building customer loyalty & reference for new business. 
  • Auto email alerts to customers  – during RC tracking and affixing of number plates. 
  • Centralised repository of customer documents . 
  • Well designed Dashboards – monitor team’s performance, ageing tickets & customer feedback. 
  • Auto Reports for management – monitor pending complaints and identify gaps in manual process , perform complaint analysis and revise business strategies for customer service.   
  • Single system to record PSF and customer complaints 
  • Aggressive tracking of CDI score to identify weak areas and take timely action to improve customer service. 

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