5 Simple Steps To Win Back Lost Service Customers

Use Service-to-Service Coupons to bring back lost service customers.

When customers service their car regularly at your dealership they are 80% more likely to purchase their next vehicle from you. It’s a proven fact that majority of  the Future revenues originate from current core customers. A 5% increase in customer retention can result in 25% increased profit. So how to Identify – Focus- Bring back the “Lost Service Customers” who have not brought their vehicle for servicing in last 2-3 years.

INFOMAN eCRM Service Module offers 5 Simple  steps to exploit the full potential of “Service – to – Service Coupons” to regain lost customers –

  1. IDENTIFY Non Visiting Customers – use powerful Data Analytics tools to identify “Non Visiting” Service customers at your workshops.

  2. CREATE  Campaigns – Design “Freebie Coupons “  having attractive offers for special Services that can be redeemed during  Service visit  by the customers.

  3. Aggressive Followup – Contact customers for service marketing and explain the special offers they can avail using “Service- to- Service” Freebie Coupons. Design an attractive incentive program for the tele-callers to motivate them. Success of your campaign depends on their enthusiasm to bring back the customers.

  4. Issue Coupons On Fixed Appointments – Once the customer confirms Appointment for visit to workshop, tele-callers  can issue Coupons that can be redeemed by the customer during  actual visit to workshop. Highlight the validity of the coupon to customer during followup call.

  5. Send SMS / WhatsApp Message / eMail to intimate customer about the issued coupons that can be immediately redeemed during his visit to workshop.

Contact our expert to know how dealerships are conducting innovative campaigns to increase footfall at Service Centers.

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