.. Most sought after medium – WhatsApp is now the LATEST Touchpoint for INFOMAN !

Enhancing customer Connect and Brand Enrichment

Organisations adapt to new platforms of communication where they are more likely to get faster & secure access to their customers 24×7. With the advent of smartphones and the internet, customers have moved on from SMSs to   WhatsApp. It generates more traffic than SMS, which makes it much more suitable and appropriate for marketing. WhatsApp wins over SMS in terms of customer preference, accessibility and user interface.

ACS has successfully launched WhatsApp Integration with  all modules of INFOMAN eCRM.

The user can access WhatsApp directly from INFOMAN eCRM to do the following :-

  • Send Insurance Proposals and copy of the insurance policy  to customers on receipt of payment .
  • Send “Thanks Message” as confirmation of receipt of  Payment to customers.
  • Share  Service Status of Vehicle in Workshop and  Bill Details post service.
  • “Thank You” message on receipt of new enquiry or successful completion of Test Drive can also be sent.
  • Send Birthday Greetings / Anniversary greetings to keep in touch with customers.

Key Benefits of using WhatsApp in INFOMAN eCRM :-

  1. Ensuring Visibility – Since every customer checks his WhatsApp account multiple times during the day, there are more chances of the message being read by the customer for sure.
  1. Better Connectivity – 24×7 connectivity with customers . Messages can be scheduled for delivery post office hours or even on holidays if required.
  2. Confirmation of Message Read – You can check if the person you sent the message to has received and read the message.
  1. BULK Messaging – Normally Whatsapp allows the user to send message to 5 contacts only at one time. Using the WhatsApp integration of INFOMAN eCRM the user can send BULK messages to multiple customers at one time.
  1. Smart Messaging Tool – A picture speaks a thousand words, Whatsapp allows user to send media rich concise messages that are more impactful than simple text.
  1. Security – WhatsApp includes end to end encryption for security and privacy of the information .

Contact our experts to know more about benefits and process of activation of “WhatsApp” in INFOMAN eCRM for your organisation.

Mr Vinoj Xavier

Senior Manager – Business Development


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