VIRTUAL CALL CENTERS – Creating Opportunities From Challenges.

Work From Home was never so assuring – Save Infrastructure Cost, Boost up 60% Additional Call Volume and No Maintenance !!

Say Good-Bye To traditional On-premise Dialer and create your own Virtual Call Center with the help of iPBX On Cloud Dialer. Members of a Virtual Call Center are geographically dispersed and do not operate from office premises. In the current situation it’s the safest option ensuring no impact on your team’s productivity.

Leverage the intelligent routing of “On Cloud Dialer” to provide highly-responsive customer service. As the name suggests, a Cloud Dialer is hosted on a web server and offers a feature-rich, scalable Dialing solution that needs no additional Hardware investment.
Why eCRM customers are shifting to “On Cloud Dialer” ?

Saving Investment On Hardware – No high end hardware for Dialer-Server is required as the Dialer is setup on Cloud and Customer pays as per actual Usage.

Cost Saving in Daily Operations – Cutting cost of On site Dialer server maintenance, LAN, AC, Office Rental , PRI Line, reduced Infra cost per employee (working from home), the On Cloud Dialer simplifies calling from GSM SIM of the users using their own Mobile Phones. For users working from home, per user cost of INFOMAN eCRM & On cloud Dialer is less than Infrastructure cost per employee working in office.

Get All The Benefits Of iPBX – Call recording, Voice Mail, conferencing are key benefits offered by On Cloud Dialer to ensure close monitoring of Telesales team.

Work From The Safety Of Your Homes with the Mobile App – Telecallers can use Mobile App of INFOMAN eCRM to contact customers with a simple click of a button. The recording of the interaction is also saved on Cloud.

Improves Productivity – Since the user just needs to select a phone number , Autodialer saves time and efforts of dialing resulting in higher productivity of the telecaller.

Know the Pulse Of Your TeleSales Team – Audit the recordings of customer interaction that are available on Cloud and easily accessible to Managers, to improve Sale scripts, objection handling and overall quality of customer interaction by telecallers. Get added value with MIS reports to grow exponentially.

Faster Implementation – On Cloud Dialer Feature can be activated very quickly as it needs no setup and testing of hardware systems at site. Seamless Integration – On Cloud Dialer is seamlessly integrated with INFOMAN applications.

ONE AGENCY for eCRM and Dialer support – ACS takes complete responsibility to provide support for both INFOMAN eCRM application and Dialer. The customers do not need to contact multiple agencies to resolve their application or Dialer related issues.

Contact our experts to activate “On Cloud Dialer” for your team .

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Mr Vinoj Xavier
Senior Manager Business Development

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