Power Of technology – Embrace the new ‘Normal’, Build Bridges Not Walls..

The idiom Meet the Challenge Head On !  Or Resign to Fait Accompli ! was applicable in the Medieval Era.  Today, when the technology allows us to reach out to, see and listen to people, despite barriers of walls, distances and boundaries, there can be no challenge that is un-surmountable. ACS has taken it upon itself to turn these very barriers and challenges into opportunity for its clients. 

In time to come,  challenges will remain only for those – who do not firmly believe in the ability of technology. Tech can help quickly align to the new normal ! Old ways will eventually pave way  to the new ! We at ACS  have tirelessly reached out to our clients to prepare them for remote working and show them the possibilities with tech tools. Keywords that will hold the future together are adaptability and flexibility.

INFOMAN SERV – used  for lodging complaints at the dealerships so far can be the backbone of your organization which can align all teams during remote working. Key benefits include the following :-

Open Communication – It offers visibility, flexibility and brings accountability.  No unknown variable will remain ignored or hidden from the management.

Identify new challenges – observe the patterns and intensity, almost instantly. No challenge will then remain unsurmountable  – whether you work with skeletal staff, function remotely or experiment with new ideas.

Effective Compass – INFOMAN SERV is panacea to the challenges thrown up by current COVID19 situation. It will  guide you like a reliable GPS  for your organisation and teams, whereas most others will still be groping in the dark or would stand still in face of uncertainty.

We have been using it in ACS on a  daily basis  for the past four years for:

  • Workplan
  • Worklog
  • Incident management
  • Asset management
  • Internal Projects monitoring and ….much more.

Its time we share our secret  versatile tool  to enable our customers to be precise in their delivery without LIMITATION of resources and barriers of physical presence. Benefit from the exclusive offer and special remote training for our existing clients.

Contact our expert to  learn more about the possibility to beat ALL ODDS with just one tool -INFOMAN SERV.

Ashita Jain

Business Analyst


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