Infoman eCRM – Smooth transition to Work From Home completed for Almost All users.

Daily Remote Trainings In Full Swing ..

Challenging times require innovative solutions and immediate course corrections in functioning of the organization. INFOMAN reaches out to its clients to  empower them to work remotely (from home) and  train their teams for Best Practices during this period of lockdown. Most  of us are using this period of quarantine for internal personal purification and self development. 

It is time to similarly retrain teams and fine tune them for improved performance in future. ACS has launched a vigorous outreach training program for our clients to bring value to this otherwise low-key period for most business. We are conducting regular sessions on tools that will enable more users to work from home effectively.

Work From Home is the new Mantra for every organisation in these difficult times. The option ensures your employees are engaged constructively, maintain same levels of productivity and are busy enough to blow away the blues of being confined to their homes.

We wish to reiterate that we are committed to provide quick & quality support to our customers and making sure that we continue to support you, through our virtual STAR support team. Our support team is monitoring and reviewing the status of each ticket entered by you.

INFOMAN eCRM being, a purely cloud based & secured application, your team can do multiple things remotely and from multiple locations. Your teams can now work from home, once their device (Computer / Mobile) is approved by your admin, with total data security, additional feature for limited data access  – Just enough to undertake the task.

  1. Mobile App :- Follow up for Insurance or Service getting due can be done easily using INFOMAN® Mobile APP / INFOMAN® cloud based application. Customer and vehicle information required for follow up is accessible to the authorised user.
  2. Mobile app can be used by field executives and telecallers to work from any location wherever they are based.
  3. Operations like Coupon issue, Proposal Creation, Sending Proposal to Customer and Money Receipt can be done remotely. After verification the details can be emailed from Infoman-eCRM.
  4. Data / work Assignment for followup can be done remotely to the team members.
  5. Insurance managers can monitor cases followed during the day ensuring productivity of the team is under close watch.
  6. Real time status of Data assigned to team and conversion of cases can be aggressively tracked.
  7. Uploads like Insurance issued, Workshop / Bodyshop Job card, New Car Sales etc. can be done at a centralized location.
  8. Dialer :- With Infoman’s Integrated Dialer Services, teams can now use the infrastructure of the organisation to call the customer remotely – from their homes !
  9. Call recording, Quality of Calls handled (both Outgoing & Incoming) by the tele-callers can be monitored using powerful features of Infoman Dialer .
  10. Auto reports will continue to send live updates to the Top Management. The frequency of these reports may be defined as per your requirement.

This step in right direction now, will ensure that your telecallers  can continue to reach out to customers and  the managers can strictly monitor and guide their respective teams.

Please contact our experts to know how INFOMAN can help your team work remotely from home without compromising on efficiency and data security :-  

Mr Vinoj Xavier

Senior Manager Business Development


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