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INFOMAN -THE NEW POWERFUL REMOTE: Delivering High Quality Service During “Work From Home With Superior MIS ”

In the last 2 weeks Infoman eCRM has enabled more than 1500 users to follow-up on 110000+ cases , Send 90000 SMS and collect Rs 3.2 crores payments for its clients, while staying home safe all over India. Nearly 30 remote training sessions have been availed by ACS customers during this period.

The focus has clearly shifted to: How to monitor and ensure “High Quality of  Work Done from home” ?  Infoman eCRM offers powerful MIS reports based on it’s unique classification of data – perfectly suited  to handle this challenge :-

Clear segregation of ‘Action Plans’ – Infoman eCRM classifies ALL future Action plans into:

  • Executive / Customer Call Back
  • Appointment
  • Direct Visit &     
  • Payment Follow-up

This helps the manager to accurately foresee  the number of cases nearing closure and expected payments in next few days.

Focus on “Expected” results and not just Actions taken: When most other applications focus on increasing “ Total number of calls done” by tele-callers. Infoman eCRM is way ahead with its ability to classify the type of ‘Calls Done”. Where each defined category achieves a specific objective.

  • Welcome call for Insurance Renewal improves quality of data with  verified contact details of customers.
  • Insurance Reminder Calls ensure “no loss of business” .
  • Appointment Confirmation calls boost full productivity of the field executives and save costs since no visit is wasted.
  • Payment followup call ensures no payment is missed out resulting in higher Insurance and Service revenues.

Get HIGH Quality Feedback From customers – In these challenging times, listening and analyzing Customer Feedback accurately, helps to revise; Action Plans, Customer Offers and decisions based on changing  customer preferences. Infoman eCRM has 3 levels of customer feedback in which two levels are “Pre-Defined” standard drop-down values and third one requires manual entry. The “Pre-defined” feedback helps the management to understand; latest trends, key areas of concerns, reasons for loss of business, identify competition and offers preferred by customers etc.

‘Splendid Free Software” offers are actually – Booby Traps. Beware! do not compromise on the security of your valuable data that can be used for cross selling like health & home insurance, personal loan, vehicle loan etc. without getting  anything in return. Some of the free offers result in significant loss of “payouts” (earnings).

Most ACS customers are benefiting immensely from daily remote training sessions  on  ‘Best Practices” to reduce cost, improve productivity and efficiency of your operational teams. Get your slot for remote training reserved at the earliest, Please contact our experts to know more about these sessions :-

Mr Vinoj Xavier.

Manager Business Development


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