INFOMAN Converts Pre-Owned-Sales Into An Ever-Growing Profit-Centre Of Dealership

Pre-owned vehicle market has been growing at a steady rate of 15% in the last few months. Covid-19 pandemic continues to give a major boost to this growth even in the current financial year due to behavioral changes in people. Social distancing norms and lack of sufficient public transportation has changed the commuting behavior of people in cities. Commuters want to avoid public transport & they are looking for cost effective solutions . 

As per studies 54% Indians wanting to buy a car in next 6 -8 months would prefer a Pre-Owned Car. Even in Pre-Covid era, the used car market in India had grown over 1.5 times bigger than the new car market.

INFOMAN eDMS speeds up and controls the process of Pre-Owned Car Sale Purchase and brings the following key benefits
Evaluate the earnings of every deal using Chassis wise Profitability report.Maintains Vehicle- Evaluation-history. Thus avoiding duplicate-evaluation from different sources.Paperless and Instant Realtime approval process for: Vehicle purchase, Additional Discount, Sale price, Refunds and Payment Cancellation.Instant access to crucial information related to STOCK availability, Vehicle movement, Outstanding & Collection.Maintain online documents like RC Copy, Insurance Policy, NOC , photos etc. UPLOAD ONLY ONCE !Workflow based Digital approval for Customer refund / payment.In Built controls to ensure Selling price is defined or auto compute – to maximise profit margin.Maintain Chassis wise record of accessories of Pre-Owned Car to get better margins during negotiations.

Dealerships looking for alternate options to boost PreOwned Car Sales revenues are providing lucrative offers like Extended warranty, Free Service for six months, exchange offers and loans for used cars.
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