Optimise Your Sales Cost With Smarter Strategies

Optimizing sales cost is a crucial factor for car dealerships to survive and thrive in a competitive market.  They need tools and technologies to streamline the sales operations. INFOMAN eDMS offers 8 smart processes to reduce Sales cost in the following manner :-

1.    Approval for additional dealer discount

2.    Track Profitability of each chassis / Model

3.    Allotment based on FIFO

4.    Fix Minimum amount for Allotment

5.    View Real time STOCK on Mobile App

6.    Creation of Confirmed Booking only on receipt of margin amount  

7.    Reduce Inventory Carrying Cost –  Using “Auto revoke Allotment”

8.    No pending Invoice (for Delivery) for more than 1 week to avoid GST Liability

9.    In-built checks & control for Customer refund in Sales

10.Instant messages to customer either through SMS or WhatsApp  

Experts believe that being smarter about the way an organisation cuts its sales costs greatly improves the odds of success. Get in touch with our consultants who will share Best Practices followed at all successful dealerships to reduce cost and put efficient sales processes in place.

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