Digital tools have changed the Car Buying Experience forever : Are you ready to up your game ?

The present generation of car buyers in India are more informed, tech-savvy, and demanding than ever before. Today, car buying is a joint decision taken by family members after lot of research, test drives and comparison of financial options and their impact.  

To overcome these challenges, car  dealers need to adopt following new strategies :  

Meeting expectations of an Informed Car Buyer : Social media affects car buyers’ preferences, as they checkout opinions, trends, and innovations on these platforms. They look for personalized experiences and contact dealers online ahead of visiting in person. Dealers should manage this information in a centralised system for easy access and prompt response during showroom visits by the customer. 

Add On System to manage Leads from multiple sources : Most dealerships use OEM systems to followup on hot walk-in leads. Leads received from other sources like third party portals, websites, in-bound calls remain scattered in excel sheets. Validation and management of leads received from different resources remains a challenge for most dealerships resulting in waste of money, time and manpower. INFOMAN eCRM PreSales is an excellent tech solution for central management and aggressive follow-up of these leads.   

Creating touch points with customers : INFOMAN eCRM maintains complete history of customer interactions for future reference (if the decision is delayed). WhatsApp Posts, promotional mailers & Discount offers using SMS can be sent to keep in constant touch with customers (ensuring faster recall) even when the sale cycle is longer 

Minimise duplicate leads to reduce Sales Cost – a significant part of promotion cost is spent on buying leads from third party portals. INFOMAN eCRM ensures dealerships do not pay for duplicate leads to these portals. Systematic followup using INFOMAN eCRM results in better conversion of leads even for deferred cases.  

Customers are available on multiple platforms. They are looking for seamless experience while buying a car. Dealers need to collect, compile, validate complete customer information  in real time. Time to invest in a smart tech solution to retain your customers – cause if you don’t respond to your customers today, someone else will. 

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