Now monitor the pulse of your Call Center in real time !

Identify the best performers with Infoman eCRM automated reports.

 Every  call centre aspiring to provide exemplary customer service must closely monitor performance to gain meaningful insights. Quality of service is determined by Key Performance Indicators like Calls made, conversion ratio, appointments fixed, payment collected etc.

Infoman eCRM offers Automated reports to monitor Telecaller’s performance , that are delivered automatically in your mail box , as frequently as you wish. Now you are not dependent on any person to give you the information for making critical decisions. The reports are :-

  • Measuring Tele caller performance –Automated hourly report shows the no of calls attempted, Calls connected and Appointments fixed from those calls by each telecaller and team. Why do a month end  analysis when you can get hourly information and take timely corrective action to pull up the slow performers ? 
  • Productivity report – This report gives the details of calls to be made in a day, actual calls made, appointment fixed from the calls, payment collected etc.  Identify  the key player helping you achieve financial targets and reward good performance promptly.
  • Executive wise conversion report : is one of the most popular report used by the management to measure and compare the performance of all teams and executives. It’s a monthly report giving intimation of cases assigned, converted, payments received, lost & pending cases.
  • Daily call status display at Call Centre : Motivate your telecallers to perform better as  the highest appointment maker’s name is displayed on top of the list. The display is done at a prominent place and updated frequently.
  • Admin Dialer Screen – is used for display at the call centre, showing  how many tele-callers are logged in,  dialling, connected etc. along with the present call duration.

We Recommend :  Managers who display key performance indicators publicly notice improved agent engagement and productivity. Rewarding quality performance  also yield good results. 

Check out this space for more information on New Features and modules added in Infoman eCRM for boosting your business volumes.

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