Infoman eDMS Integration with MSIL-DMS

Infoman eDMS is now integrated with MSIL – DMS !!

Goodbye! to the days when the executives  had to download  files containing transaction details from MSIL-DMS and then upload these in INFOMAN accounts module, for creation of vouchers.

MSIL has created a portal on which dealer-wise transactions (Sales, Purchase, Workshop etc.) from MSIL-DMS will be available.  INFOMAN will access this data and create financial vouchers automatically in the Infoman accounts module  -without any manual intervention.

Further reducing TIME, ENERGY and RESOURCES  wasted in duplication of task.


Why integration between MSIL-DMS and Infoman is important to us ?

With this direct integration between MSIL-DMS and Infoman, now there will be no need to download (from MSIl-DMS) and upload (In Infoman-eDMS) data manually, by the users.

Automatic Voucher posting of some key transactions that are integrated include: Vehicle dispatch, Purchase, Return, Sales, Workshop Invoice, Stock Transfer, Receipt etc.


What this integration between MSIL-DMS and Infoman-eDMS has to offer?

* INSTANTANEOUS. Frequency of data transfer from MSIL-DMS to Infoman-eDMS will be 5 min.

* ERROR FREE. Data flow is done without human intervention hence it will be done faster with zero error.

* AUTOMATED. Human intervention  will be completely eliminated since the data is transferring automatically between two systems.

* SAVES EFFORT. No duplicate transaction will flow from MSIL-DMS to Infoman-eDMS.

* ENABLER. Critical accounting decisions can be taken instantly, since the information from MSIL-DMS will be available faster.

* SECURED. It ensures complete security as the data is transferred automatically and not accessed by any user at any step, in between.

Please Contact our experts for further clarification (if any) :-

Mr Sanjay Koul

Manager Business Development


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