Gifting the power of Data Visualisation to our customers !!

As we celebrate achievement of  5000 active users of Infoman eDMS…

INFOMAN  adds DASHBOARD and Custom Analytics to its eDMS application. Dashboard enables you to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time. Some of the Key Benefits are :-

  • Top management gets  consolidated GRAPHICAL overview of Sales  growth, Team performance, Modelwise Profitability, Cash collection etc.
  • Instant access to summarised  information on a single click, No More  sifting through bulky reports.
  • With  POWER of Data visualisation, only a GLANCE at the dashboard is needed to know everything, when the dealership is racing ahead on its tracks.
  • Single screen view of  relevant information for critical decision making.  

Now  you can also customise your DASHBOARD  to suit your needs with our specialised Analytics team.

SALES GROWTH MTD shows comparison of booking, Retail (Invoice) & whole sale(purchase) for :-

  • Last Year Same month
  • Last month
  • Current Month

 Print report for Single / All locations to monitor growth instantly anytime, anywhere.

Identify Model wise profitability of the current month for Single / All Locations based on :-

  • Purchase price
  • Sale Price,
  • Discounts given
  • Payout Amounts
  • DBT & DAT

TOP 10 TEAMS : Reward the best performance of  sales team after checking the maximum sales done by top 10 sales executives / leaders of the sales team for single / All Locations of the organisation.

 Keep track of Cash receipts printed at different operational units of your organisation during the month. Graph shows :-

  • Location code
  • Location-wise Amount of cash received

Percentage wise share of each location in the total collection.

Please do  checkout the Dashboard at your eDMS link.  Contact our expert to know more at or call 9312400307.

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