Exploit full potential of the Booming Pre-Owned Car Industry !

Infoman converts “PreOwned Sales” into hassle free ever growing Profit Centre of your dealership.

Our internal survey with 500+ customers has revealed that business in the used car segment is more than half of  New Car Segment in 2018-2019.

Volumes could well double over next three to four years.

Sales Of PreOwned car offers a profit margin of 10-20%. 

  • Infoman eDMS simplifies the sale cycle of Pre-Owned cars. Key processes of the purchase -sale cycle of PreOwned cars include :-
  1. Enquiry for purchase/Sale of old vehicle
  2. Evaluation and estimation
  3. Purchase of old vehicle
  4. Document collection of old vehicle
  5. Refurbishment and repair of the purchased vehicle
  6. Matching requirements with available stock
  7. Booking, Allotment and Sale of old  vehicle
  • Infoman eDMS offers following key benefits  :-
  • Evaluate performance of every deal using Chassis wise Profitability report.
  • Maintain Evaluation history and avoid duplicate evaluation from different sources.
  •  Paperless approval process for: Vehicle purchase, Additional Discount, Sale price, Refunds and Payment Cancellation.
  • Instant access to critical information related to STOCK availability, Vehicle movement, Outstanding & Collection  information
  • Maintain online documents like  RC Copy, Insurance Policy, NOC , photos etc…
  • Workflow based approval for Customer refund / payment that is more  than Customer’s Balance.
  • In Built controls to ensure  Selling price is not below defined amount to maximise profit margin.
  • Maintain Chassis wise record of accessories of PreOwned Car to get better margins during negotiations.

Dealerships looking for alternate options to boost PreOwned Car Sales revenues are providing lucrative offers like Extended warranty, Free Service for six months, exchange offers and loans for used cars. 

Declining new car sales are encouraging dealerships to focus more on  “PreOwned Sales”  to  maximise profits.  Contact our expert for a free demo of the product at skoul@acsinfotech.com  or call at Mobile-9312400307.

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