Your customer data at dealership is a GOLD MINE Of Business Opportunities!!

Are you doing enough to protect it ? Wise men say “Caution is better than regret !  

For some auto dealers  month end Sales, Insurance & Service analysis reports are  mere “History Of transactions”  of last month. Whereas, this data holds key to a promising business growth and expansion. This untapped potential of data is exploited by Infoman eCRM.  It throws new light on leads and prospects, projects repeat business potential and helps  in highlighting customer preferences and profiles, thus  boosts sales and service.

“Your data is a goldmine of Business Opportunities – Many auto dealers  are focusing on Exchange & PreOwned due to downturn in New Car Sales. Infoman eCRM data can be used to promote both. So Identify it’s value before anyone else does !

  • Generating repeat business from existing customers :- Using Infoman eCRM tele-callers collect information of “Other vehicles “ owned by customers to sell insurance, vehicle upgrade, extended warranty resulting in higher Service & Insurance revenues.
  • Data helps to create Cross Selling Opportunities – Customer data can be used to sell not only Car insurance, but other services too like Medical /  Life / Travel and Home insurance etc. Value of the data multiples as each customer buys these services for his family members resulting in higher sales revenues.
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not – Infoman eCRM allows users to do Customer Profiling to conduct “Focused campaigns” for offers on new models, Service offerings, Freebie Coupons , FREE Check up camps, Road Shows etc. Profiling helps to  understand the latest purchasing trends and schemes people are buying  / not buying.

Why do you need to protect your customer data ?–Customer data remains valuable only if it is LIVE (Validated, Growing & Updated). The data is also the essence of your relationship with a customer with multiple touchpoints. Regular interaction at multiple levels deepens this relationship and minimises threat of encroachment attempts by rivals. Anyone else with your data/ part data, will have to invest heavily to re-establish a deep relationship, like yours.  To handle competition, dealerships need to Create, Update and SECURE their data  because  cost of generating a new enquiry is one of the major cash outflows for any dealership.

On the other hand, watch out for traps and lures by even  major players who recognise the true worth of your data and subtly exploit it without your knowledge and without rewarding you for years of investment. In some cases this happens  at your expense, year after year.  Afterall, a four-wheeler owner is a sought after economic entity for the larger market.  BEWARE !  

 Ways To Protect Data – Infoman eCRM ensures complete paperless interactions with customers during Sales enquiry follow-up, Insurance Renewal & Service marketing.

  • Need to know basis of viewing and access rights of pages
  • “No Printed Sheets” are used that can be taken out of premises.
  • The data can neither be copied or deleted.
  • ACS executives recommend data uploads to be completed by dealership manpower.
  • User based access rights, machine authentication ensure only authorised users have access to the application.
  • Do not give access to an external agency who has not signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with your dealership.
  • INFOMAN has  25+ years of unblemished track  record in data security. CHEERS!

INFOMAN SECRET ADVISE: Own data / Rollover data / current data / third party data/veiled data – Classify customer data to strategize & optimise resources so as to MAXIMISE PROFITS.

Contact our experts to find out how Infoman eCRM helps you explore the endless potential & benefits of  your data.  

Protect your customer data ……it is your  lifeline!

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