6 Common Asset tracking problems and how to solve them?

As hybrid working becomes a norm rather than exception, organizations are struggling to manage their  IT assets like mobiles, laptops & desktops etc. Right from procurement, assignment, problem resolution, change and disposal there are many challenges that are faced in implementing a smooth and seamless asset management process.  Since the assets are physically used at different locations, coordinating for maintenance and repairs  is like managing assets at 10 locations. Some of the issues faced are: 

  1. Inventory & Asset Management – How many equipment were  purchased in a given period and to whom they were assigned for usage ?
  2. Condition Management – Of all the assets in an outlet how many are working?  
  3. Incident Management – In case of a breakdown, when was it  reported and who is coordinating for repair (on-site or service centre) ? 
  4. Missing contact information for Repairs –  Information related to  AMC or Warranty contract information, call centre details  are generally not  available for coordination of repairs. 
  5. Asset Return – In case an employee leaves the organization, how to make sure that all assets assigned to him have been returned to the designated authority ? 
  6. Expense Visibility – Since expenses made in repair are staggered and spread over a long time,  it is difficult to compile complete amount of expenses incurred for repairs  to decide on repair/ disposal.  

     HOW INFOMAN SERV helps to overcome key ASSET tracking issues ?  

    INFOMAN SERV is the best solution designed for   infrastructure monitoring  that allows you to  maintain inventory, report on changes and timely alerts for warranty expiry of assets.   
  • Simplify physical tracking of Assets – Physical verification of assets made easy using QR Code that are linked to each asset. 
  • Assignment & Return History – INFOMAN SERV maintains complete history of Assignment , Return &  movement of an asset with location and expense history.  
  • Timely Reminders  for Warranty / AMC expiry – with contract information and details of Contact person in case of a breakdown .  
  • Avoid Breakdowns – Define schedules for preventive maintenance of assets to avoid breakdowns and loss of productivity.  
  • Track Expenses & Repairs Done – Centralised tracking of all complaints related to asset used by employees using Tickets helps in better co-ordination with the service vendors. Record all repair expenses related to each asset for future references.  
  • Prompt resolution of complaints – centralized recording and assignment  of all calls to supervisor ensure immediate action and quick resolution of complaints.  

Connect with us to know more about how INFOMAN SERV  will  help you save time and money while managing assets and let you focus on core operations. 

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