ACS launches Purchase Order Module.

Control the non operational expenses. After all Money Saved Is Money Earned.

Purchase orders are a key aspect of maintaining accurate, complete financial records. Knowing when and how to use them has far-reaching business benefits.

A well-planned INFOMANĀ® – PO Application will make a huge difference in how well the purchasing process works in your organisation. It will result in major improvements in Monitoring and tracking of non-operational items ie “Assets” and “Consumables”.
5 Key reasons why INFOMAN eDMS – PO Module benefits your organisation

Save Time & Money – Automation of PO process streamlines PO creation and order placement. Digital approval for the request quantity and value saves time and money as the authorised person will be able to check real time stock at all locations.

Vendor Management –Track your vendors and maintain a centralised repository of the policies about which items should be ordered from each vendor. Vendor management will reduce supplier risk and avoid problems related to invoice fraud, overcharging etc…

In-Built Checks to avoid financial manipulations OTP confirmation is required from the employee to whom items are issued to eliminate manipulations by Stock-in-charge /Store Operator. Validated GRN is mandatory for purchase Bill entry of items. System allows items to be purchased only at approved rates. Financial accounting entries are posted automatically in eDMS Accounts module (eg. Purchase Voucher, Debit Note, Inter-branch location/Branch adjustment etc.)

Enable Planning & Control Spending – INFOMAN PO Module alerts management when the current stock of items is below minimum order or above maximum order level avoiding overstocking of items. Authorised access & strong approval system controls spending as orders are double checked before placement.

Data Analytics – Top management can access centralised data to perform critical analysis for consumption comparison (Location/Item wise), GRN comparison, Vendor wise Purchase analysis for smarter negotiations etc.

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Mr Sanjay Koul
Manager Business Development

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