7 Ways to improve Customer Loyalty & Increase Conversions without offering Cash Discount

 Strategic Use Of “Discount Freebee  Coupons” to Drive Sales & Service Revenues Using INFOMAN eCRM…

Offering “Discount” Coupons to customers on schemes related to  Paid Service,  purchase of Accessories/ Additional Insurance etc. can be a powerful weapon in your conversion arsenal to drive customer loyalty. But if it is used haphazardly, it can do significant damage to the reputation and may become non-profitable.

Why should you use eCoupons of INFOMAN eCRM Freebie Module instead of Manual Coupons?

   eCoupon Of INFOMAN eCRMManual Coupon
eCoupons sent in email, printing of coupons is optional – Saves CostBulk printing of Pre Printed Coupons is done and costs money
INFOMAN –eCRM Freebie Module needs  ONE TIME Setup only, reducing expenses every year.Recurring printing cost of  Coupons adds to expense.
Offers / Value of the coupons can be changed any  time.Content of  Pre-Printed coupons cannot be changed, and re-printing is needed for new offers / Freebee’s.
Online Tracking of  redemption of issued coupons anytime, anywhere. Need to maintain manual register for monitoring Coupon Redemption
No chance of  loss of ecoupons by  customer. Easy access on phone anytime.Physical coupons are likely to be damaged / torn or lost by  the customer .
In-built control on number of coupons issued by the authorised person.Un-authorised access to printed coupons can lead to misuse  
Online Validation during redemption ensures eCoupn CANNOT  be redeemed more than once  at different Locations / outletsEnsuring redeemed coupons are not re-used by customer is difficult, if they are not stamped at the counter.
Possible to know the cost incurred in Redemption instantly, for a period for each type of CouponTo compute the cost incurred due to Redemption, manual compilation needs to be done.

How does INFOMAN eCRM  help in efficient management of  “Discount / Freebee Coupons” ?

  1. Avoids Duplicity –Duplicate issuance of “Discount Coupons” from  both Insurance and Service Department to same customer is avoided by having a Centralised Database. 
  2. Followup For redemption Of   Coupons “Expiring Soon” – Through  Reminder   SMS / emails to customers Coupons expiring in near future.  This gives multiple  opportunities  to interact with customers. Even sending “ Thank You – SMS” on redemption.
  3. In-Built  Control – INFOMAN eCRM can Auto tag  Customers to issue  Discount  Coupons after  a  “Paid Service” is  done, to be redeemed in next service and with a fixed Validity.  This ensures repeat visit by the Customer within Validity period. 
  4. Tracking of Redeemed  Discount Coupons – Powerful MIS to track coupons issued and redeemed across departments.
  5. Increases Footfalls in workshops – Reminders of “Expiring Soon” Free Offer Coupons are an added incentive for  customers to bring their Vehicles to Workshops.  Telecallers get higher conversion of  Service appointment, when customers are reminded about “Expiring soon” Coupons. 
  6. Major savings – As “Discount / Offer”  Coupons”  can replace Cash discounts when Renewing Insurance, resulting in huge savings. When coupons are redeemed during Service or Accessory purchase, it results in increased business there. 
  7. Eliminate Misuse Of  Coupons – User profile wise limit on issue Of  Coupons can be defined in INFOMAN eCRM. This ensures that no authorised person can issue coupons in excess.

Contact our expert  for a FREE Demo of INFOMAN eCRM – Freebie Module at vinojx@acsinfotech.com.

Mr Vinoj Xavier,

Manager Business Development


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