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ACS Introduces INFOMAN SERV – Business Relationship Management (BRM)

Good customer relationship management starts with pre-sales, continues with sales or installation, and lasts longer when post sales service and preventive management are handled well. Pre-sales and sales tracking are the core revenue generating operations that need to be monitored closely. After sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction and customer retention. A satisfied and happy customer brings more referrals  and eventually more revenues for the organization in the long term.   

INFOMAN SERV – Business Relationship Management (BRM)  is designed to automate integrated Sales, Product Installation & Service Management.  It is suitable for B2B organisations selling products that need Installations , preventive maintenance service, Complaint handling and Annual Maintenance Contracts through out their lifetime.     

Key Functional Areas Of INFOMAN SERV  – Business Relationship Management (BRM)  include –   

1.   Quick access to integrated Customer Database Management – Create,  update and access a centralised customer database with complete history of Lead generation, product owned, product installation details, warranty / AMC  details  and even complaint Tickets that the customer may have raised.  

2.   Lead Monitoring & Sales – Record complete history of  action taken  from enquiry received till the sales is closed.  

3.   Define & Track Installation plans – define standard templates of SOPs with lists of activities for product installation  at client site along with Responsible executive and date of completion.  

4.   Post Sale Incident Management – Ensure no customer complaint goes unresolved by recording customer incident mails as tickets and assigning to field team. Record follow-up from customer & field team making it easier to analyse the types of issues reported, resolutions provided and frequency of service. 

5.   Quarterly Preventive Management – Get alerts for customers due for QPM (Quarterly Preventive maintenance) in the near future. Record customer follow-up and details of customer visits for preventive maintenance.  

6.   Warranty and AMC Management – Track the contract information of AMC/ Warranty, get timely reminders for upcoming contract expiry. Single interface to update contract details of multiple machines. 

7. Co-ordination of  OEM & Service Engineers  for  Complaint Resolution – Auto generated mails to OEM requesting issues with a product and recording of subsequent followup by the service engineer till complaint is resolved. 

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